Streamline your shipping needs with the most efficient logistics solution for ecommerce. Exelot helps businesses overcome logistical and cost barriers to deliver shipments to customers faster and at lower costs compared to postal services and express shipping services. Traditional methods for international shipping are facing a bottleneck due to outdated technologies and slow postal services. These issues force e-commerce marketplaces and online businesses to charge more, which drives down new customer acquisition and sales. Exelot was formed to address these needs, catering to a growing online market by providing international shipping solutions for e-commerce businesses.



Exelot’s solution enables quick delivery within 3-10 days, instead of the usual 15-60 days postal delivery


All processes are optimized, from order and pick up, through sorting and air-freight, to customer’s preferred delivery choice


Exelot’s high-quality solution provides a very competitive rate, much cheaper than current express prices


Customers can choose their preferred delivery method: home delivery, automatic parcel lockers or self-collection shops


Parcels are tracked and traced anytime, anywhere from order to delivery


Exelot‘s solution increases customer satisfaction and enables market places & e-retailers to accelerate sales cycle

Digital Platform for Distribution to Cross Border Markets

Our Technology

Exelot leverages the power of the latest technology to deliver a comprehensive digital platform with enhanced ecommerce shipping and delivery solutions. We aim to revolutionize ecommerce shipping and delivery through an innovative system that offers lower costs, faster shipping, and greater transparency. Our solution was developed to enable quick delivery of packages, often within 3 to 10 days instead of the typical 10 to 40 and up days, for standard postal delivery. We achieve this goal with a first of its kind system focused on cross-border shipping for B2C sales. Our platform integrates easily with existing e-commerce platforms, allowing any online retailer, e-commerce store, or logistics providers who serve them, to benefit from our technology.

Exelot implements a cutting edge cloud-based technology to meet cross border e-commerce needs and make last mile delivery quick, efficient and affordable.

A multi-vendor end-to-end optimized solution

Advanced pre-sorting and smart bag solution

Pre-payment of custom duty

Various last mile delivery options

A state of the art, cloud-based, track and trace system

A mobile application for self-service, tracking, user's profile management and feedbacks

Unique management system

Online Purchasing Is Replacing Physical Store Sales

Partnering with Exelot as your ecommerce logistics provider is a logical choice for those wanting to increase online sales. The global shipping market reaches over 60 billion dollars in 2019 and grows exponentially each year. Online purchases from foreign countries have also grown from 44% to 77% just between 2014 and 2018. Unfortunately, many local postal services and express shipping options cannot keep up with the growing demand from online sales. Customers frequently deal with extended delivery times, delayed shipments, lack of transparency and other challenges. Our ecommerce logistics solutions allow you and your customers to avoid the hassle of the existing logistics ecosystem.

Increase the Efficiency of Your Supply Chain with Exelot

Traditional ecommerce delivery solutions may hinder your profits and the ability to attract and retain customers. Implementing our ecommerce logistic platform offers a complete solution to your shipping problems. We provide a tailored solution for B2C end-to-end shipping and delivery, with a scalable platform that can continue to handle the logistics of your growing e-commerce business. Our platform supports pickups, smart consolidations, fulfilment, and delivery backed with full tracking, along with AI, and machine learning technologies to give you greater optimization. We combine land, air, and sea shipping options with inclusive end-to-end solutions that cover pickup from warehouses, terminals, and customs clearance. You can stop wasting time, energy, and funds on complex logistics while increasing your sales in new target countries.


In a fast-growing e-commerce world, with a high dissatisfaction rate of customers over delivery issues, Exelot assists its partners to ship and deliver quickly, efficiently and cost effectively, to countries where free shipping is slow, uncertain, and not fully traceable, or where today’s express services are too expensive.

We enable our partners to expand business to international markets, improve delivery quality, and serve customers for a best e-commerce shopping experience.

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