Discover a complete end-to-end logistics solution designed specifically for ecommerce cross-border shipping and delivery. Exelot ecommerce logistics services offer a more affordable way to ship packages to all corners of the world within a shorter timeframe compared to existing shipping options. We streamline the entire logistics chain by handling every step of the shipping process, from order to delivery and tracking. Our system connects to your online marketplace or shop, and consolidates shipments based on the shipping method, destination country, and means of distribution. Our international shipping services help reduce costs and delivery times, allowing you to boost profits, customer satisfaction, and the scope of your target markets.


Exelot’s solution enables quick delivery within 3-10 days, instead of the usual 15-60 days postal delivery


All processes are optimized, from order and pick up, through sorting and air-freight, to customer’s preferred delivery choice


Customers can choose their preferred delivery method: home delivery, automatic parcel lockers or self-collection shops


Parcels are tracked and traced anytime, anywhere from order to delivery


Exelot‘s solution increases customer satisfaction and enables market places & e-retailers to accelerate sales cycle

Give Your Customers Flexible Delivery Options

Border shipping services from Exelot benefit customers as well as businesses. As our system reduces delivery costs, sellers can charge less for shipping and potentially lower the cost of their goods. Customers can spend less and receive their purchases from foreign countries faster. Along with lower prices and shorter delivery times, your customers can enjoy the flexibility of the delivery options provided by our system. Customers can choose home delivery, automatic parcel lockers, or self-collection shops to suit their specific needs. Our unique business model offers the tracking, reliability, and prices needed to drive greater customer satisfaction and increased sales.

Enjoy Shorter Delivery Windows and Full Transparency

At the core of our shipping services is an advanced cloud-based platform that relies on AI and machine learning to analyze the shipping process. Our system can evaluate the performance, abilities, overloads, and deviations from the supplier’s service demands (SLA), automatically calculating the most efficient shipping route and alternate options. While traditional shipping can take 10 to 30 days or more, we have reduced the average delivery time to just 3 to 10 days. Sellers and buyers can track packages throughout the entire journey, with support for dozens of status types used by logistical companies.

Quality Services From Exelot a Trusted Logistics Provider

We understand that your business may hesitate to switch from existing carriers to an advanced logistics solution. However, early adopters of new technologies are often the ones that reap the greatest rewards. We are committed to delivering the most reliable, efficient option for shipping your products around the world. We have proved that new customers have grown sales in hundreds of percent to new destination countries. Our services are backed by a team of professionals with decades of industry experience in information technology, e-commerce, marketing, banking, and logistics, along with former executives from the Israel Post Service. We are a trusted source for the future of e-commerce shipping.


In a fast-growing e-commerce world, with a high dissatisfaction rate of customers over delivery issues, Exelot assists its partners to ship and deliver quickly, efficiently and cost effectively, to countries where free shipping is slow, uncertain, and not fully traceable, or where today’s express services are too expensive.nnWe enable our partners to expand business to international markets, improve delivery quality, and serve customers for a best e-commerce shopping experience.

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