Exelot offers a multi-vendor end-to-end solution optimized for the swift delivery of packages to international markets. We employ a variety of technologies to improve delivery times, including shipments to countries where free shipping remains slow, unreliable, or not fully trackable. This includes a mobile application with self-service features for your customers, including tracking, user profile management, and feedback submission. We make last-mile delivery quicker, more efficient, reliable and more affordable.

Automated VAT Calculations and Collections

Using our platform simplifies the way VAT is calculated and collected when customers place an order on your e-commerce website. The system calculates the requested VAT and notifies customers according to the destination country. It then automatically collects VAT and sends the required invoices and receipts to the end client. [Better saying around 15%-20%...] Sixteen percent of all buyers are required to pay tax and/or VAT for their purchases from foreign countries. By simplifying this step of the ordering process, we deliver a more efficient logistics solution and a much better customer experience.

Cloud-Based Track and Trace System

Our cloud-based system includes real-time tracking and tracing of packages from the moment it leaves the warehouse until the package reaches the customer’s preferred delivery option. Over 25% of online shoppers complain about long delivery times. Unreliable tracking is another common complaint. We resolve these issues by offering complete transparency. Your customers can easily log in and track their packages, which should lead to fewer delivery inquiries and greater satisfaction scores.

Comprehensive Shipping Management System

Our cloud-based SaaS platform handles more than just package tracking for sellers and buyers. It streamlines the shipping process from end to end, relying on big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning modules to analyze data and select the most efficient shipping options. Instead of relying on existing shipping routes, we maintain private routes and work with private suppliers throughout the entire logistics chain, including the airlines, warehouses, customs brokers, forwarders, and delivery companies involved in the last mile.

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Digital Platform for Distribution to Cross Border Markets

Our Technology

Exelot implements a cutting edge cloud-based technology to meet cross border e-commerce needs and make last mile delivery quick, efficient and affordable.

A multi-vendor end-to-end optimized solution

Advanced pre-sorting and smart bag solution

Pre-payment of custom duty

Various last mile delivery options

A state of the art, cloud-based, track and trace system

A mobile application for self-service, tracking, user's profile management and feedbacks

Unique management system

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