Streamline your shipping needs with the most efficient logistics solution for ecommerce. Exelot helps businesses overcome logistical and cost barriers to deliver shipments to customers faster and at lower costs compared to postal services and express shipping services. Traditional methods for international shipping are facing a bottleneck due to outdated technologies and slow postal services. These issues force e-commerce marketplaces and online businesses to charge more, which drives down new customer acquisition and sales. Exelot was formed to address these needs, catering to a growing online market by providing international shipping solutions for e-commerce businesses.

Digital Platform for Distribution to Cross Border Markets

Exelot leverages the power of the latest technology to deliver a comprehensive digital platform with enhanced ecommerce shipping and delivery  solutions. We aim to revolutionize ecommerce shipping and delivery through an innovative system that offers lower costs, faster shipping, and greater transparency. Our solution was developed to enable quick delivery of packages, often within 3 to 10 days instead of the typical 10 to 40 and up days, for standard postal delivery. We achieve this goal with a first of its kind system focused on cross-border shipping for B2C sales. Our platform integrates easily with existing e-commerce platforms, allowing any online retailer, e-commerce store, or logistics providers who serve them, to benefit from our technology.

Online Purchasing Is Replacing Physical Store Sales

Partnering with Exelot as your ecommerce logistics provider is a logical choice for those wanting to increase online sales. The global shipping market reaches over 60 billion dollars in 2019 and grows exponentially each year. Online purchases from foreign countries have also grown from 44% to 77% just between 2014 and 2018. Unfortunately, many local postal services and express shipping options cannot keep up with the growing demand from online sales. Customers frequently deal with extended delivery times, delayed shipments, lack of transparency and other challenges. Our ecommerce logistics solutions allow you and your customers to avoid the hassle of the existing logistics ecosystem.

Increase the Efficiency of Your Supply Chain with Exelot

Traditional ecommerce delivery solutions may hinder your profits and the ability to attract and retain customers. Implementing our ecommerce logistic platform offers a complete solution to your shipping problems. We provide a tailored solution for B2C end-to-end shipping and delivery, with a scalable platform that can continue to handle the logistics of your growing e-commerce business. Our platform supports pickups, smart consolidations, fulfilment, and delivery backed with full tracking, along with AI, and machine learning technologies to give you greater optimization. We combine land, air, and sea shipping options with inclusive end-to-end solutions that cover pickup from warehouses, terminals, and customs clearance. You can stop wasting time, energy, and funds on complex logistics while increasing your sales in new target countries.


Discover a complete end-to-end logistics solution designed specifically for ecommerce cross-border shipping and delivery. Exelot ecommerce logistics services offer a more affordable way to ship packages to all corners of the world within a shorter timeframe compared to existing shipping options. We streamline the entire logistics chain by handling every step of the shipping process, from order to delivery and tracking. Our system connects to your online marketplace or shop, and consolidates shipments based on the shipping method, destination country, and means of distribution. Our international shipping services help reduce costs and delivery times, allowing you to boost profits, customer satisfaction, and the scope of your target markets.

Give Your Customers Flexible Delivery Options

Border shipping services from Exelot benefit customers as well as businesses. As our system reduces delivery costs, sellers can charge less for shipping and potentially lower the cost of their goods. Customers can spend less and receive their purchases from foreign countries faster. Along with lower prices and shorter delivery times, your customers can enjoy the flexibility of the delivery options provided by our system. Customers can choose home delivery, automatic parcel lockers, or self-collection shops to suit their specific needs. Our unique business model offers the tracking, reliability, and prices needed to drive greater customer satisfaction and increased sales.

Enjoy Shorter Delivery Windows and Full Transparency

At the core of our shipping services is an advanced cloud-based platform that relies on AI and machine learning to analyze the shipping process. Our system can evaluate the performance, abilities, overloads, and deviations from the supplier’s service demands (SLA), automatically calculating the most efficient shipping route and alternate options. While traditional shipping can take 10 to 30 days or more, we have reduced the average delivery time to just 3 to 10 days. Sellers and buyers can track packages throughout the entire journey, with support for dozens of status types used by logistical companies.

Quality Services From Exelot a Trusted Logistics Provider

We understand that your business may hesitate to switch from existing carriers to an advanced logistics solution. However, early adopters of new technologies are often the ones that reap the greatest rewards. We are committed to delivering the most reliable, efficient option for shipping your products around the world. We have proved that new customers have grown sales in hundreds of percent to new destination countries. Our services are backed by a team of professionals with decades of industry experience in information technology, e-commerce, marketing, banking, and logistics, along with former executives from the Israel Post Service. We are a trusted source for the future of e-commerce shipping.


Exelot offers a multi-vendor end-to-end solution optimized for the swift delivery of packages to international markets. We employ a variety of technologies to improve delivery times, including shipments to countries where free shipping remains slow, unreliable, or not fully trackable. This includes a mobile application with self-service features for your customers, including tracking, user profile management, and feedback submission. We make last-mile delivery quicker, more efficient, reliable and more affordable.

Automated VAT Calculations and Collections

Using our platform simplifies the way VAT is calculated and collected when customers place an order on your e-commerce website. The system calculates the requested VAT and notifies customers according to the destination country. It then automatically collects VAT and sends the required invoices and receipts to the end client. [Better saying around 15%-20%...] Sixteen percent of all buyers are required to pay tax and/or VAT for their purchases from foreign countries. By simplifying this step of the ordering process, we deliver a more efficient logistics solution and a much better customer experience.

Cloud-Based Track and Trace System

Our cloud-based system includes real-time tracking and tracing of packages from the moment it leaves the warehouse until the package reaches the customer’s preferred delivery option. Over 25% of online shoppers complain about long delivery times. Unreliable tracking is another common complaint. We resolve these issues by offering complete transparency. Your customers can easily log in and track their packages, which should lead to fewer delivery inquiries and greater satisfaction scores.

Comprehensive Shipping Management System

Our cloud-based SaaS platform handles more than just package tracking for sellers and buyers. It streamlines the shipping process from end to end, relying on big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning modules to analyze data and select the most efficient shipping options. Instead of relying on existing shipping routes, we maintain private routes and work with private suppliers throughout the entire logistics chain, including the airlines, warehouses, customs brokers, forwarders, and delivery companies involved in the last mile.


Exelot is an ecommerce logistics provider with innovative technological solutions to support your online sales. We have developed an industry-pioneering digital platform for shipping products to foreign markets. Our advanced digital solution offers a complete package for handling e-commerce shipments. All steps of the international logistics chain are covered, including support for shipping via land, air, and sea. This system also analyzes the data of every package to select the most efficient shipping process for shorter delivery times and lower costs. Our goal is to eliminate the challenges of traditional logistics solutions to increase customer satisfaction and give sellers a more affordable way to handle shipping and grow sales.

Who Are We?

Exelot is backed by a team of professionals with decades of industry experience. The company was founded by current CEO Daniel Cohen, who provides his expertise as a former VP at Israel Post. Daniel was previously a VP business development and marketing for high technology Israeli companies with vast experience of implementing projects internationally. Daniel Cohen also recently named one of the 30 best leaders to watch in 2020 by The Silicon Review. Co-founder Izack Varsanno is the chief programmer and chief architect for the IDF logistics unit at MAANA and has over 25 years of experience in programming and managing programmers in the military, civil, and start-up arenas, including with logistics. The management team also includes experts from the fields of e-commerce operations, marketing, international shipping, logistics, banking, and a former director for the Israeli Finance Ministry.

Growing List of Supply Chain Partners

We support a more efficient shipping method thanks to our partnerships with various suppliers, airlines, warehouses, delivery companies, and governments. As part of our goal to revolutionize e-commerce shipping, we have developed a separate logistics infrastructure that does not rely on an overburdened postal service or costly express shipping companies. In just a few short years, we have grown to cover logistics for eight international destinations with three regional hubs. We have already established service agreements and strategic cooperation with partners in China, Hong Kong, East Asia, India, Australia, Middle East, Europe USA , and many other top logistics suppliers for online purchases. We have the supply chain needed to handle the growth of your e-commerce business.